Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Veggie Power

Hey guys!

My day yesterday was so jam-packed that I didn’t have time to blog. I did of course still read all of your lovely blogs! :D I went from school to work to home finally around 8-ish and all I wanted to do was collapse on the couch…and I did! haha.

So today I started off with my homemade baked oatmeal!


It turned out really good…I think that next time, I am going to add some vanilla protein powder to make it even more filling and yummy. I made some hard boiled eggs a few nights ago, so I had one for protein.

For lunch I got to come home and eat because I had a doctor’s appointment. I love eating my own food for lunch instead of cafeteria food. Just 3 more weeks…

So I had a pasta repeat of last week…


with black beans, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese. It was delish!

afternoon snack: I had another egg with an lovely orange


And then it was time to run! It was a glorious run. I just focused on my music and completely zoned out. For some reason, I was feeling kind of gloomy but once I did my run, I felt like a million bucks…and THAT is why I love running so much! It takes the blues right away :D

For dinner, I tried something I’ve never tried before…roasted brussel sprouts! After reading through Jenna’s post comments on everybody’s favorite green veggies and favorite ways to eat them, I got SO many good ideas! I bought some brussel sprouts last weekend for the first time and decided to roast them.

I coated them in EVOO and garlic salt and put them in the oven at 400 degrees for 40 minutes, turning halfway through.


They were awesome!!! I can’t believe I have been tried this vegetable before! 

My mom was grilling lean hamburgers, so I paired the brussel sprouts with that.

Then came a little dessert:


Oikos plain greek yogurt with half a Kashi chocolate caramel bar and a little spoonful of peanut butter.

I think Oikos is my favorite greek yogurt. I haven’t had it in a while so when I tried it tonight, I was pleasantly surprised at how awesome it tasted! There was 0 tangyness, which is perfect for me. YUM!

Ok, now its time to get ready to hit the sack soon…tomorrow will be another school and work day but I will hopefully still get in a post!

Good night! <3


  1. I loved roasted brussels too, they're my new favourite find!

  2. Hey girl! Ahh Oiko's is amazing! :) It's perfect for mix-ins, and you added some yummy stuff. Peanut butter is always a plus in ANYTHING haha!

    Hooray for only 3 more weeks of school! I think I also have 3 weeks of classes left..summer is going to be amazing.

    Glad you enjoyed your day & your run :)

    Have a good evening! Talk to ya soon!

    Love, Meg

  3. I'm such a weirdo, but those brussel sprouts look amazing!!!

    And yum that dessert sounds delicious too!

  4. Don't you just love how running makes you just zone out and forget all of your problems for the little bit of time. Its just the best.

    great eats today, hope you got caught up on your sleep and are having an awesome day today!!

  5. Oh I am totally with you on the Oikos girl.. love it!

    hope you can get some rest today pretty girl!

  6. Hooray for running endorphins :) Glad it helped you get out of the gloom!!

    That baked oatmeal looks fantastic!

  7. Brussel Sprouts can't do oikos yes please. another great post with yummy treats.

  8. That pasta looks fantastic .. mmm I would love a bowl of that for dinner!

    Im sorta afraid of brussel sprouts.. I definitely need to give em a chance.

    Hope you have a great ThursdaY!