Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Playing catch-up

Hey guys! Hope you all have had great Wednesdays!

This week has been going by pretty fast for me, which is great because I am SOOO ready for some sweet summertime! <3

Yesterday, I had school ‘til 3:30 and then I headed over to work at the hair salon. I had a GREAT work day because I got my hair colored while I was there! Not too shabby of a work day if you ask me. :D It is now a pretty auburn reddish brown.  By the time I got home, I was just ready to eat dinner with the family and chill out for awhile.

But I am back now with some delicious food pics! Here are some of the highlights of the last two days…


eggbeaters and peanut butter banana toasted bread:

001 002

afternoon snack:


George Foreman grilled chicken, broiled zucchini sticks, overnight slaw, and seasoned chickpeas


a no sugar added fudgesicle!


Oikos with strawberries and granola…yes, I am totally obsessed with this yogurt :)


and today’s breakfast: oats!


this mixture contained:

  • 1/2 cup oatbran
  • 1/2 cup almond milk, chocolate flavored!
  • tbsp flax
  • 1/4 cup egg beaters
  • cinnamon and a dash of salt
  • frozen blueberries and cherries
  • scoop of Kroger natural peanut butter
  • scoop of Barney Butter, crunchy


afternoon snack:



a La Tortilla whole wheat mini tortilla with natural peanut butter and barney butter (I’m so indecisive) and 1/2 sliced banana

After my snackie, I hopped on the treadmill to have a nice run. I ran 2 and power walked 1. It was fantastic!

Tonight’s dinner was thanks to my momma…she made baked pork chops with green beans. I also had some of my yummy overnight slaw:


a cute lil’ muffin with a smear of pb


I don’t think I could ever have too much nut butta in one day. hahaha

I had yet again, some more greek yogurt. I topped this serving with some chopped figgies:


And there ya have it!

So, today I am sad to say that my CHI flat iron hair straightener died today. :( I looked back on Amazon and I have had it for almost a year. So long, Chi, you had a good run. I am off to go look online for a new Chi right now!

For those who straighten their hair….

What flat iron do YOU have?


  1. I'm so with you, I can't wait for summer.

    Super yummy looking foods! I love Oikos as well, it's second only to Chobani for me.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Love, Rachel

  2. Hey girl! Woohooo Oikos! I cannot find any kind but plain & vanilla around here...I wanna find more flavors of's amazing. I think for me it's a toss up between Oikos and Chobani. String cheese reminds me of my childhood haha! I miss having it packed in my lunch in elementary school :) I think I may have to pick some up at the grocery store.

    I love all of your eats! And I also CANNOT WAIT for summer! I hope you're evening is relaxing and wishing you a wonderful day tomorrow!

    Love always,

    p.s. I got some Barney Butter samples in the mail - what's the best way to eat em'?!

  3. so sorry about your flat iron, i don't even own a flat iron! I actually have my hair japanese straightened so i don't have to straighten my hair usually. you have one amazing job - you get your hair colored for free?!?! I need that kind of job!

  4. You are not alone,I too, am addicted to greek yogurt.

  5. Meg- I can only find vanilla and plain Oikos here, too... I'd LOVE to try others! Barney Butter is UH-mazing on top of oatmeal...and well, anything for that matter. haha!

    SweetandFit- Yep!! I love my job! :D

  6. I LOVE all greek yogurt! And I have a Chi too! I've had mine for about a year and it's still going strong.. I hope it lasts for a long time because I love it! I hope you have a great rest of the week!!

  7. Hi pretty girl!

    Auburn reddish brown sounds so gorgeous. You must look stunning!

    I’m loving all the nut butter you’ve been eating. DELISH!

    I have the CHI Ceramic Flat Iron (Turbo, 7/10")


  8. I love my CHI! It's been going strong for a few years now. *knocks on wood*

  9. I love getting my hair done! I bet your new 'do looks fabulous! DELISH eats - love the PB ;)

    I have some cheapo flat iron, I try not to straighten my hair every day so I don't feel like the expensive ones are worth the investment.

  10. fudcicles are such summer food, i can't wait for my first one of the year!