Sunday, April 26, 2009

Its raining, its pouring…

Hey guys!

Today has been such a relaxing day. It has been raining all day..but sometimes I like rainy days. Today was one of those days. I just stayed inside and relaxed with the sound of the rain. It was bliss!

I started off with a leisurely breakfast and some blog reading. BEST way to start the day! Then I made a  new playlist on my ipod and got ready for a run. I think that music is so important for my workouts. A new playlist motivates me so much and makes the time fly by. I felt great the whole time I was running. For some reason, I was full of energy and just didn’t want to stop! I ran about 2 miles and then power walked another glorious 2 miles.

Here was breakfast:


I felt like changing it up today and using a packet of Quaker lower sugar cinnamon brown sugar oatmeal. I cooked that with 2/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk and extra cinnamon. Then I topped it with my lovely Kroger natural peanut butter. After the picture was taken, I proceeded to top my oats with a bunch of homemade greek yogurt!

Yesterday, I strained my container of Stonyfield organic fat free plain yogurt.




I just placed a strainer on top of a measuring cup (you can use any bowl/cup). Then I put a paper towel in the strainer and plopped the yogurt into it. I did this in the evening and let it strain overnight. The next morning I just scooped it all out and threw away the liquid. Viola!

I had half a container left of this yogurt, so I didn’t end up with a whole lot after I strained it…but it was SO GOOD! It tasted exactly the same as Oikos. I will definitely be doing this more often!

For lunch today, I had leftover Chili’s from last night! My sister and I ate at Chili’s because she had a giftcard to use…fine by me! ;) I ordered the Spicy garlic and lime grilled shrimp salad.

This is how it looked last night:



I will definitely be ordering this again! It was delish!

And this is how it looked today for lunch:


I had eaten most of the shrimpies last night so for lunch, I decided to put in a hard boiled egg and garbanzo beans. (I did leave one shrimp you see it?) I liked this even better!

For a snack, I had an awesome green monster. I was pretty hungry…I couldn’t even wait to take a pic! Sorry! This green monster was especially good and thicker than usual. I must used more frozen fruit than I usually do?

I added:

  • 1 cup almond milk
  • tbsp flax
  • two big handfuls of spinach
  • a handful of tropical frozen fruit (pineapple, mango, strawberries)

And now I’m going to have dinner with the family. I believe enchiladas are on the menu. Mmmmm

I hope you all have enjoyed your day and got in some relaxation before its back to the grind tomorrow! ;)

Oh, and here are two things to do:

1. Go to Megan’s blog and leave a comment telling what you think makes life worth living.  She will be compiling a list from them to post later this week. She also has a prize box that she will be giving one lucky commenter.

2. Pray for Jenna and her family. Jenna needs our support during this tragic time in her life, dealing with the loss of her younger brother. Lets all keep her in our thoughts.


  1. Yay I love when you go for a run and just feel amazing! I have to try straining yogurt! It looks so easy and I'm in love with greek yogurt =) I hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Yay for an awesome run!! Have a great night -- mmm, enchiladas!

  3. Hey girly! I've always wanted to try to make my own Greek yogs! You inspire me! Haha, maybe I'll try it when I run out of Oiko's/Chobs. Wooo!

    Glad you had such a great run today with your music. Music ALWAYS makes you wanna workout a lot more, it's a great energy booster as well.

    I hope you're enjoying your dinner with the fam and having a relaxing evening! Hopefully the sun will shine where you are tomorrow! :)

    Love, Meg

    p.s. I'm planning on mailing your bars out tomorrow...get excited!! Hahah :P

  4. I love rainy days like that!! As long as I don't have to walk around in the rain - a nice storm is perfect :)

  5. I love rainy days too. It was so hot here this weekend too quick. 93 today. We have our air on as w speak....crazy

  6. So glad you enjoyed your day! We all need a relaxing day in, and a rainy one makes it perfect. I also love the homemade greek yogurt, very efficient of you.

    Love, Rachel

  7. mm that shrimp looks great!

  8. Hi love. I love staying inside and relaxing on rainy days. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    Mmm.. that spicy garlic and lime grilled shrimp salad looks VERY good. I would totally order that.