Friday, May 22, 2009

Package Surprise..unveiled!

Happy Friday! Hope you all are enjoying the day!

I started off the day wonderfully with a bowl of oatbran:


The mix-ins were: cinnamon, egg whites, frozen blueberries, and a few frozen mango chunks (they’re hiding). I topped it with Naturally More peanut butter.

After a little blog reading and internet surfing, I decided to get my strength training on and Shred it up with Jillian. I did level 2 while jammin’ to my ipod.

She’s hardcore.

For lunch, I made another wrapwich:


Whole wheat bread on the bottom and part of a Joseph’s whole grain lavish on top. Inside, I stuffed in some virginia ham, american cheese, turkey pepperoni, spinach leaves, alfalfa sprouts, and a french onion laughing cow. I LOVE laughing cow in my sandwiches…I don’t think I could make a sandwich without these now!

Plus a prunie:


After lunch, my mom and I headed out to run some errands, including stopping to get some groceries. We picked up a bunch of produce and other basics. But also found some fun things:


I have never tried the Ezekiel tortillas before so I am excited that I found them today!


After sadly finishing my carton of Coconut Bliss last week, I decided to HAD to get some more asap. That is exactly what I did. :) Once I finish this one, I am planning on attempting to make my own homemade coconut ice cream. Stay tuned!


I have seen this Kashi meal on many blogs so I can’t wait to try this out! Plus, I’m game for anything involving sweet potatoes.

And now I won’t wait any longer to show you guys my latest purchase that I received today!

What could it be?!?





Is it weird to be this excited about a kitchen appliance? :D

As soon as I got it, I ripped it open and got to work. Here are the ingredients I used:


celery, carrots, 1 beet, and 1 apple

Here is is after juicing:


After pouring:


The color is so pretty! The beet has such an intense color that makes it look awesome. Just think about all the good vitamins and antioxidants that are packed in them!

I have to admit, I was kind of scared to put the food in the chute…those blades were spinning fast! Put once I did, it was FUN! I could have just kept juicing the entire contents of my fridge at that point. Clean up was pretty simple, too. So far, I give this juicer an A+++. I can’t wait to experiment with other combinations!

Now I’m going to see what’s up for dinner and for the rest of the evening. I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


  1. a juicer?! how fun! can't wait to see all the crazy mixes you come up with :)

  2. A juicer?!?! I'm so jealous - that's awesome! I bought some beets today, and I have a question - what part do you use? I know the bottom is edible, but what about the stem parts?! Haha I feel like an idiot asking this...but it's a confusing little veg!

    Your eats look lovely as usual!

    Have a lovely night beautiful!


  3. Ohhh I want a juicer!! yum

  4. Meg- I didn't really know what to do with the stems on the beets either because this was my first time buying them too! So I just pulled the stem off and juiced the bottom part. Hopefully that was right!

  5. a juicer that sounds like fun. I love beets. But was the juice good?

  6. I need my ipod during shred right now since her voice is starting to make me go nuts lol

  7. Kristi- YES! Geeze, I guess I didn't even mention if the juice was actually good or not! It was delish and so refreshing!

  8. Your juice looks awesome! I want a juicer too :)

  9. Ah!! Sooo jealous of the new juicer!! I can't wait to see what drinks you make up!

    And yum, laughing cow is such a good addition to any sandwich! Have you tried it with guacamole or avocado yet?? The creamy combination is amazing!

  10. Oh funnnn! Can't wait to see your juicing creations! I would have been 100% freaked by the blades too - I'm always convinced some freak accident is going to happen.

    Laughing cow is bueno!! I love it!