Thursday, May 14, 2009

New race announcement

Hello everyone!

Well as usual, it has been pretty busy around here lately. I am trying hard to get all my school work done AND study for the finals next week. I’m getting so close though! Tomorrow is my last full day of school! Then I just have to go in and take my finals the next week and I’m outta there! I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Now, about the title of this post, I registered for an upcoming 5k race! The date is set for Saturday, June 6. This will be a step up from my last race (which was my very first race) which was a 2 mile run. I specifically chose this race because all the proceeds go to cancer research! So I need to get my boo-tay in gear and get to training! Yippeeee!

I didn’t get a picture snapped of my breakfast cookie from this morning because I was running late, so I thought I would backtrack to RAW Wednesday’s breakfast:

Raw Blended Chia oats!


For this bowl, I mixed 1/2 cup oats with 1 cup of water and 1 tbsp of chia seeds plus a dash of cinnamon. I let them sit overnight and in the morning, I whirled them around in my Magic Bullet with 1/2 banana. Them I topped it with raw almond butter. It was definitely good, but I missed my vanilla almond milk in it.

Lunch was the usual, peanut butter and banana sandwich with a side salad. Only one more school lunch!!

This afternoon, I stopped by my house to grab a quick snack before heading to work. A new (for me) Think Thin bar! Thanks Meg!



Now, the creamy peanut butter flavor holds a special spot in my heart, but this white chocolate flavor definitely hit the spot!

I left work early today because I had my 4th acupuncture appointment. In all of my appointment so far, my doctor has nut the needles in my arms/hands and legs (shin area). This was the first time he was going to put the needles in my face. Of course, I was a little bit scared at first, but I just have to tell myself, “mind over matter.” And my mom came with me and talked to me the whole time, so it was easier to take my mind off of it. It really wasn’t that bad though and the next time, it probably won’t be a big deal at all. I’m actually really loving this! It may early to tell if it is helping with my allergies but I am very hopeful that this will be a success!

Then I came home and was starving for some good food. So, good food I made. :) It was a veggie-fest tonight:

spinach salad:


sweet potato fries and ketchup:


leftover roasted brussles! I am in love with these babies.


And for dessert, I decided to try something I saw on Jenna’s blog (surprise, surprise haha)

Greek yogurt with chocolate PB2 mixed in:



Yep, that would be my new favorite dessert. :D (besides Coconut Bliss ice cream!)

And I thought I’d end this post this a Jaci picture…she wanted to show off her new “toy”:

dog pics (23)


Have a wonderful night everybody, I’m off to go watch Grey’s Anatomy!  Love to you all!


  1. good luck with the up comming race!

  2. Cute cute cute dog!!!! Good luck in the 5k.. you'll do awesome!!

  3. Too exciting about the upcoming race. Your doggie is too cute!

  4. yay for almost being done with school, girl! soso close .. hang in there!!

    you are so brave ms. Kristi! I hate needles .. acupuncture would totally freak me out! More power to ya sisterrr <3

  5. Hey girl! I'm so excited for you for signing up for that run! Amazing! And for cancer research?! Even better.

    I've ALWAYS wanted to try PB2 but never ordered it! Did you get it online?

    Aaaand I'm glad you liked the ThinkThin bar! I've been eating up those Kashi's like crazy! Thanks so much!!

    Have a lovely evening and HAPPY (almost) FRIDAYYY!


  6. Hi, I think this is my first time to comment on your blog!

    Just wanted to say good luck with the 5k - if you can do 2 miles, then you can do 3 miles no problem. And the fact it's for cancer will definitely be a great motivator :)

    Stay strong for finals - sooo close!

    - PB Bananas

  7. Aw the pupper!! Good luck with your finals!!

    PB2 and greek yogurt = AMAZING! The acupuncture appointment sounds terrifying! You're braver than I ;)

  8. so great you've got another race to look forward to!i so wish i could run one!

    and i wish i had some pb2 to try in yogurt! jealous!

  9. Hope you enjoy your run! I'm running a 5k tomorrow morning myself. It's not for charity, but the best ones are, because you are doing good for so much more than yourself.

    Much love,

  10. That is exciting about the new race. Good luck! You will do great!

  11. I really wanna try PB2 and yogurt together... it sounds freaking awesome!
    GOOD LUCK on the upcoming race!

  12. I REALLY need to get PB2! It looks sooo good mixed in greek yog! And your dinner holds alll my favs.. roasted b.sprouts and sweet potato fries! perfectooo!

  13. Just found your blog and I also just tried PB2 and greek yogurt today. I thought it was SO disgusting but now I think maybe it's because I did not buy the chocolate version! I didn't remember seeing the chocolate in Jenna's post. Oh well, lesson learned. Congrats on signing up for the 5K- I just finished my first a few weeks ago and it was amazing, I'm ready to do more!

  14. You are so brave going to the doctor for acupuncture. I hope it helps your allergies.

    Alright, a 5K! :) Let me know if you need any help/advice :)

  15. Aw prepare yourself for Grey's! haha!! Your pup is adorable, and the brussel sprouts look always!