Sunday, May 10, 2009

Another one bites the dust

Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday and spending some good quality time with your mommas! :D

Today has been a much needed, nice relaxing day. I started off with a wonderful bowl of oats, of course.


Wait, that isn’t a bowl of oats…that’s my new CHI!!!

Look at the diamond-y-ness of the letters:


Isn’t she pretty? I was very excited when I found this in the mail yesterday. I had been without one for over a week and my hair was needing some good attention from it.

Now, here is this morning’s actual bowl of oats:


which contained:

  • 1/2 cup oatbran
  • 1/2 cup almond breeze
  • 1/2 cup water
  • cinnamon
  • frozen blueberries
  • fresh blackberries
  • a scoop of homemade raw almond butter!


There’s my almond butter, sitting in a Magic Bullet cup. The process of making this was quite difficult…and I’m thinking that its because I tried doing it with the Magic Bullet instead of a food processor? The Magic Bullet did a great job of turning the almonds into almond flour, but after that, it just would NOT blend. I added a teaspoon or two of olive oil to get it going. It helped for about 3 seconds. Sigh. I added a splash of water. That helped and got it more blended and I decided that this was as good as it was going to get. I added in some sea salt and called it good. It tastes yummy…but its definitely not very creamy. Now I really want to invest in a food processor so I can try this again! Anybody have one that they want to recommend???

After breakfast digested, I decided to hit the treadmill for a little run fest. I ran my heart out for a quickie 2 miles and then walked for a while and jammed to my music.

Then it was lunch time…first, I made a plate full of broccoli and Sabra’s roasted garlic hummus:


(they are best friends)

Then I decided to attempt my first try at savory oats…I guess I didn’t get enough oat lovin’ in during breakfast.


I made my oatbran the same as always, with 1/2 cup almond milk and 1/2 cup milk. Then I added a Babybel cheese, a Morningstar sausage patty, and a dash of garlic salt. 

I was kind of wary about trying this because I love my oats sweet and with fruit. But this was a nice change. It was so cheesey and creamy!

This afternoon, I settled into a big comfy chair and decided to catch up with Edward Cullen.

eye candy:

But eventually I got hungry and headed to the kitchen to try a new product:


Jay Robb vanilla protein! I added this whole packet, 1 cup vanilla almond milk, a few frozen mango chunks, and a couple ice cubes.


I liked this! I am definitely a fan of this protein powder. I love that they use Stevia as the sweetener, as I try to keep my sugar intake down. This filled me up pretty well, but not too much later, the boredom munchies kicked in…

…and I had quite a few of these little fellas:


Another one bites the dust:



Now I’m just hanging out with the family and trying to decide what we want to do for a Mother’s Day dinner.

What did you do with your mom today?


  1. Mmm, I just got some fresh blackberries on sale today. How brave of you to try savory oats! I just can't bring myself to do it. Sometimes I feel like I'd like it, and then I just chicken out. Glad you enjoyed it.

    Me and my mom spent most of the day together. We went to the park in the morning together, did some shopping, and ate dinner as a family this evening. :)

    Much love,

  2. i love polishing off a good jar o' peanut butter :)!! yummy eats girl! I wish i had the patience to make homemade almond butter - but i am just all for the easy peazy pre-packaged stuff.

    enjoy the rest of your night, kristi!
    xoxo, Jenny

  3. I had to work this morning but we had a lobster dinner tonight! I am also thinking I need a food processor so I can make my own nut butters.

  4. Edward is so attractive it kills me. Almost as attractive as Jay Robb..but not quite ;)

  5. hey,

    is that protein powder good?never saw it before. we went to visit my grandmother's grave and shopping. hope you had a good day!

  6. Homemade almond butter?! Umm SENDMESOME?! Haha just kidding :) I'm sure it's delicious! I got some fresh ground almond butta goodness at Whole Foods lastnight! Nut butters are so damn tasty. I need to try some protein powder, I have a few times but wasn't too impressed - maybe because I just mixed it straight up?! What are your fave ways to incorporate it?

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day and pamper your Momma :)

    Love ya,

  7. Meg- I really hardly ever mix protein powder straight up...Yuck! haha. I usually just add some in to a smoothie of some sorts. I also like to mix some into my oats sometimes for breakfast. My breakfeast cookies usually always have a bit of protein powder in them. And thats really the only ways I have used them so far. I should do some more experimenting!

  8. whatttt - lucky girl! I heard chi straighteners are the best! I also heard that they are super duper expensive!

    wishi could give you some advice about the food processor, but I dont have one - just never been able to convince myself to sped that much moey o one

  9. Ahh, love my chi straightener!-but it's just black and boring.... :( haha, your savory oats SOUND fun, but I don't know if I can handle the cheesy oats?!?! I'm just so used to the fruity & sweet kind w/ lots of nut butters in it! Hmmm, we'll see if I get bold enough to try it out.....

    Oh and for mother's day I made my mom a roasted veggies and pasta dish for dinner, and we caught up on this week's private practice finale!

  10. hi girlie
    lovin the oat-themed eats :)
    ooo pink hairstraightener! too cute!
    mothers day was a few months back over here in ireland..its so wierd its on different dates in diff countries.
    have a nice night hun :)

  11. I spy some biceps up there ;)

    Way to go with the homemade nut butter - I need to test my hand out at that soon! No recommendations from me because I have an immersion blender. I don't know if it would hold up to nuts!

  12. Love the hair straighteners, I couldn't live without mine. The oats look so delicious.