Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Me, the busy bee

Hi guys! Hope everyone has been having a great humpday!

I have been rather busy and have a lot of busyness up ahead of me! Basically, we have a ton of family coming into town because one of my cousins, Shawn, is getting married this weekend. I think I mentioned it a while back…I can’t believe the weekend is almost here! I am very excited because I absolutely love weddings!

My sister and I will be helping out with a lot of the wedding/festivities that have been planned. There are many get-togethers and fun things up ahead, so it will hopefully be a good kind of busy!

Earlier today, my sister and I headed out to go look for a wedding outfit! Gotta find some excuse to go shopping and spend some money, right??

I actually found two dresses that I loved and they were both total bargains so I ended up buying both of them and am planning to wear the other one for another special occasion that is coming up…(more on that to come)

Here is the dress that I will be wearing to the wedding:


I thought it was the perfect little summer dress and I can’t wait to wear it! I have some sleek, black heels to go with it.

And here is dress #2:


Yet another fun summer dress. :) But you guys will never guess where I got these dresses at…

WALMART!!! :D Crazy right? Walmart actually carries some very cute stuff. I got each dress for a cool 10 buckaroos. What a steal!!!

Moving on to some eats, I picked up a Kashi meal that I had not tried before and a while ago and finally got around to eating it a few nights ago:


DSC01200 This was GREAT! I really enjoyed it…especially after smearing a laughing cow all up in there. Mmmmm. This meal has a hint of lime and cumin and there go together so wonderfully. I would happily eat this again!

Plain Oikos mixed and topped with PB2, 1/2 sliced banana, and Quaker Oatmeal Squares:


Close up of the goodness:


I just ordered a 4 pack of PB2. I love it SO MUCH! I really don’t use it much for an actual nut butter substitute…but I just love mixing it into some greek yogurt. I will also be experimenting with adding it to recipes and whatnot for a hint of peanut buttery flavor!

Some lovely juice:


1 beet, 1 apple, 3 carrots, a few cherries (take seeds out first…I learned this the hard way)

the pretty elixir:


Last night I baked up some tofu for din-din:


This was the best I have ever made!! I finally nailed to cooking time…I like mine nice and chewy and not too soft, but I usually always end up under cooking them. This time I cooked them at 425* for 50 minutes. Perfecto! As far as the flavor mixture, I mostly don’t measure anything but here are approximate measurements:

  • soy sauce (approximately 1 tbsp)
  • agave nectar (2 tablespoons)
  • sesame oil (2 tablespoons)
  • your choice of seasonings.. I used garlic powder, minced garlic, minced onion, parsley, and basil.

I also steamed some broc and cauli, seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and a squeezed lemon


Oh, I almost forgot…my post-surgery appointment on Monday went great! My doctor numbed my nose and stuck a scope up in it and said that everything looks perfect! I can totally tell a difference now, even though I am still healing…but definitely feel SO much better already!! And then I received the best news of the day…

I got the a-okay to start running again!!!

And you better believe that is exactly what I am off to do right now! I know I will have to take things slow and build back up, but my body has seriously missed it so much and I can’t wait to jump right back into it!

Hope you have a lovely day girls!


  1. walmart has some AWESOME finds for such discounted prices! I love it .. those dresses are absolutely adorable.. hope to see pictures of you rockin' 'em at the wedding :)

  2. Loving the tofu!! PB2 in Greek yogurt will rock your world :) It's awesome!

    Love the halter dress! It's cuuuuuute and perfect for a wedding!

  3. Glad everything went well at the appointment love! So awesome that you can run again!

    Have fun at the wedding <3

    i dont' know what I would do without my runs.

    love the pink dress. i can't believe it was from walmart!! what a steal!
    kashi = comfort in a box.

  5. Very cute dresses! I've never bought clothes at Wal-mart before, never even thought about it, but 10 dollors each is such a great deal!

    YAY for running again! It's always refreshing to get back into it after a bit of a break. I'm glad you are feeling better and everything seems to be going well.

    Much love,

  6. I'm jealous that all of you cook so well! Cute dresses...

    Egg Beaten Angel

  7. Those dresses are so cute, you're going to look great at the wedding! Also, that tofu looks pretty awesome as well, haha,


  8. i LOVE Walmart! Those dresses are adorable and so summery. They have really cute flowy tops there too! Can't wait to see wedding pics :)

  9. love both the dresses, they are super cute!

  10. Those dresses are darling! I love Wal-Mart!

    I've never thought of adding laughing cow to those frozen dinners.. good idea!

  11. Those dresses are gorgeous!! Walmart?!?! Awesome!! Great find!!

    Have fun with the wedding! Weddings are great!

  12. omg, i love walmart!!! those dresses are soooo puuurty! I love the one you are going to wear to the wedding - maybe a cute pink cardigan too?

  13. I'm stealing your tofu recipe!!!!! That combo sounds like perfection to meee!

    And that beet juice looks incredibly intimidating and delicious allll at the same time....hahahha ;)

  14. hi hun

    yay, thats so great the appointment went well and your ok to start runnning again :) im sure your super excited!

    i love the colour of that juice! its so pink :)

    those dresses are too cute, i love them..youll look gorgeous at the wedding :)


  15. What pretty dresses! They look perfect for a wedding.

    Glad you're allowed to start running again! And that tofu looks delish. Happy Friday!

  16. Walmart definitely has some great finds!

    The tofu looks good! I had some at WF for the first time and loved it...I have tried making it at home though and didnt like it. What kind of tofu did you use? They have all of these different names! Can you give me the dummy version of the tofu recipe!?! haha Thanks!

  17. the dresses are so cute. love the oatmeal squares. glad to see you are back running.

  18. Woah, Walmart? I never would have guessed. I really like that purple, one, too...very summer-y :)

  19. Your elixir looks a little magical. :) I've never tried a Kashi frozen entree. Now I might have to! And your tofu looks like french fries! Yum.