Sunday, June 7, 2009

5k Race Recap

Hey guys! Happy Sunday!

Saturday was an amazing day for me. I woke up feeling much better than I had been feeling, and I knew there was nothing that was going to stand in the way of me racing. I got up at the crack of dawn to get ready for my race because the race was about an hour away from us and we wanted to get there early. I made a great pre-run breakfast to take with me and eat in the car on the way there:



(with a bite taken out of it…oops)

The race was held in a beautiful area and the run would take place right along a river. It was a gorgeous morning with perfect running weather.

Race (28)

My sister was there to support me:

Race (18)

Along with her boyfriend, Steven, and my mamma:

Race (20)

I was a tad bit excited, obviously.

Jessica was the lovely photographer for me:

Race (15)

Race (13)

Race (17)

You know I gotta throw some funny faces in there, too.

Here is everybody heading over to the starting line. I’ve got my pink ipod in and I’m ready to go! Note: I was definitely also sporting my Garmin, which is one the hand you can’t see.

Race (24)

One final stretch before taking off:

Race (27)

I loved every minute of this race and the time seriously just flew right by me. I talked with some runners along the way, jammed my ipod, and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. I feel so proud of myself for being able to do this. I would have NEVER thought I would be able to run 3.1 miles, let alone actually ENJOY it. Craziness! 

I was also a lot more wise on this race. I learned from my mistake on my last race that I need to start off slowly and get into a nice even pace so I don’t wear myself out within the first mile. On my first race, I dashed off full speed like a killer was chasing after me! But this is what it is all about…making mistakes and learning from them.

I was head to head with one guy at the very end. We were talking smack and challenging each other to race. It was a pretty funny way to end the race. :)

Here is a short video of me (and him) crossing the finish line:

We both ended up finishing at the same time: 29:07. Not bad for my first 5k! I was really trying not to focus on my time, and just focus on enjoying the run, but I did secretly have a goal of getting under 30 minutes..and I did it!

After I finished my run, I met back up with the fam and we all hung out, talked to other racers, and listened to the live band that was there! I also pet a few adorable dogs:

Race (29)


This one decided to dress up for the occasion:

Race (35)


I am so glad to have running in my life. It has been a source of stress relief, it gives me time to myself to think, and a way to feel truly amazing. I have already started looking at upcoming races, so be ready for more race talk in the future!

I want  to thank all you for supporting me. I feel so blessed to have this blog and have made so many awesome friends in the process. I don’t know what I would do without you guys!


  1. awesome girl =)! I am so proud of you!!!

    p.s. how do you manage to look so cute in running gear?! you're adorable!

  2. That's so GREAT! I need to work up to doing a 5K! It looks like fun! That video was so funny! Did one of you end up crossing firsT?! ;)

    Good Job Girl!! :D

  3. CONGRATS ON THE RUN! love your racing outfit too. running in style, holla!

  4. yayay on your run! and you looked so strong at the end! congrats with getting under 30.
    thank you for checking out my blog yours is pretty cute as well!

  5. congrats on the race girly! what garmin type do you have I think i need to get one!

  6. I was excited when I saw you had your race report up...Yay!! I'm SO proud of you!! You met your goal, ran a GREAT time for your first 5K, and enjoyed it! Wow, can't get much better than that. You actually made me want to run a race, with all your pre-race photos. You and your "fans" are so cute!!

    P.S. I like your hot pink iPod shuffle!

  7. go girl!! so proud and that is an AMAZING time for a 5k :) That little poodle lookin dog is adorable in the pink outfit! so cute :) congrats on the run!!!

  8. You look too cute. I love your shorts. Awesome job..and great time.

  9. Bec- I have the Garmin 305 and love love love it! Honestly I probably would have been fine with the 205 though because I don't use the heart rate strap very often (the only difference between the 205 and 305 is that the 305 has a heart rate monitor) I mainly just want to know my distance, pace, and time..and it is definitely great for that!

  10. CONGRATS on the race!! you did an awesome job.. and your running outfit is super cute too :)

  11. Awesome featuring our beloved Kroger PB in the picture today! It's my love :)

    CONGRATS on your race, sounds like you really did enjoy it and know exactly how to push yourself, while keeping it fun. That's awesome!!

  12. Great job on the 5k!! That's awesome :)! And those dogs are too cute. <3

  13. Way to go on the 5k...feels great when you cross that finish line, no!?

  14. Congrats Kristi! That's so awesome and I'm so glad you had such a good time!

    I love the video too - I say you TOTALLY beat that boy no matter what the clock says ;)

    You're amazing and I hope you're having a wonderful week!