Thursday, June 18, 2009

Gotta keep on keepin’ on

Well, I don’t thing I prepared myself enough for the recovery part of surgery. This past week has been a lot harder than I was anticipating. Since my last post, there have been one too many breakdowns following along the lines of…“I just want a new nose!!!!”

Seriously, I’ve been breathing out of my mouth for a week. fml. It’s just a combination of things right now that is putting me on the verge of losing my dang mind. I have been stuck in this house for an entire week like a packrat, I am VERY antsy on account of I’m not allowed to exercise, Its been extremely hard to sleep so I have been weak and cranky, and I am just plain bored out of my mind!

Ahhh…sorry for the complete negativity, but that needed to get off my chest. Yep. So now that that little mini-rant is over, I shall move on.

First off, I wanted to show you all what I have been living on for the past week: DSC01180

Thank God for this big fluffy cloud of comfort. I have to have my head elevated while sleeping for a while. By this point though, I miss my bed dearly….very very verrrrry much. I have seriously been on this chair for 98% of this week, haha.

Here’s my snuggle buddy:


She’s a sleepy-head, too.


How can you not smile at that face?? She has been by my side the whole time. :)

Okay, now I believe it is time for some food pics. Although I’ve been sleeping a lot, I have still found the time for some awesome eats, of course.

I bring you: Pink Juice!


Is that not pretty?! This juice contained:

  • 1 beet
  • 1 small apple
  • 1 pear
  • 1/2 cucumber


My favorite Amy’s burrito:


Hugh Jass salads:


lots and lots of fruit:


The last of Heather’s (from Heather Eats Almond Butter) peanut butter banana muffins:


Also eaten warmed, and crumbled on top of Oikos plain greek yogurt mixed with PB2:


I need to make some more of these muffins ASAP. These are for real the best muffins EVER. Make them, I tell you!!

Channa Masala!!!


Topped with greek yogurt and fresh cilantro. Holy Yum


for some odd reason, the chickpeas were hard. (TWSS) Wth? This was still good but I couldn’t get past the chickpeas…weird!

Now, I think Edward Cullen is calling my name, so I will be on my way. I hope you all have a wonderful night!

Love Kristi xoxo

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  1. that juice is such a pretty pink color! like a wayyy different version of pink lemonade!

    sorry your bored girl. :( hopefully you can get back to summer fun very soon!

  2. Feel better soon darlinggg!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! Your channa masala looks great.

  4. feel better soon! I want to make those muffins! did you make them?

  5. Nicole- Yes I made them. You should definitely try them..they are so creamy and delish from the nut butter! Here is the link:

  6. aw i'm sorry to hear recovery isn't treating you well .. try to hang in there and look forward being able to breathe without any trouble for the rest of your life! =) a brighter days a'comin' kristi! <3

  7. Hi! I just found your blog and I think it's really cute- I love the name! I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Feel better soon, hon! This post's pictures made me drool. Everything looks so yum. I am intrigued by that pink smoothie of yours.
    And your dog! Oh! His face is heart-melting.

  9. aw i hope you feel better soon hun! lvoe the comfy couch :) and cute pillow!

    ooo that pink smoothie looks so pretty! and those muffins look delcious!

    enjoy edward cullen :)

  10. Thanks for the comment on my blog the other day! It's nice to find another high schooler, I agree.

    I'm glad your surgery went well, but sorry recovery is such a drag! Hang in there and you'll be feeling better than ever.

    Great eats! The juice is so pretty. Happy Friday!

  11. Aww girl, I hope you feel better soon! that is no fun! I love how loyal dogs are! When I am sick, my pups are right by my side the whole time! I wouldn't have it any otherr way!

  12. kristi your such a cutie pie. that couch looks super comfy!!!
    mm amy's burritos & muffins! lucky girl :)
    sorry to hear about the chickpeas..that is a little strange.

    hope you and edward had fun ;)

  13. Awww I hope you nose heals up quickly!! Breathing out of your mouth would get old FAST!

    At least you've been eating some tasty foods :) And the pupper, SO CUTE!

  14. Thanks for the comment and adding me to your blogroll! your on mine now too :)

  15. Aw girl I hope you're feeling better. I know it's so frustrating to be basically at a stand still for so long, and having something as little as your nose holding you back from everything. Things will get better though! Probably just takes a few more days! I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, definitely.

    Looks like you've got quite the companion by your side to keep you company, and a comfy place to rest. (Oh, and lots of good eats)


  16. Sorry to hear you aren't feeling too great. It can make me go crazy too not being able to do anything. Just remember, a week or two of discomfort is a pretty good trade-off for years of easy breathing!

    Your dog is absolutely adorable. They really are the best companions! All your food looks incredibly yum as well. That crumbled muffin over PB2 greek yogurt looks heavenly, as does your neon pink juice!

    Much love,

  17. I was wondering where you were. Hope you feel better soon. Those pics are too cute. Having a snuggle buddy as cute as that should help.

  18. Awww..I hope you feel better! You have the best side-kick ever! She's so gorgeous! :-)
    The juice IS really pretty! YUM!

    Muffins look wonderful! I want to make those for sure!

    Have a great night!

  19. Hope you recover soon girl! I know how that feels when you feel like all you can do is just sit around. At least you have a nice comfie area to spend all your time!